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frequently asked questions

How many guests can we seat for the civil ceremony?

We are licensed for up to 150 guests in the Orangery, the Gather Barn and the Mill Barn.

Can I set up the Orangery in different ways?

Yes, you can set up the Orangery in a number of different ways. For licensed weddings, one popular set-up is to approach up the long garden ‘aisle’ and to have the ceremony table positioned in the centre of the Orangery (opposite or in front of the central doors). Another option is to have a long internal aisle within, so the ceremony table is located at the far end. Regardless of the internal set-up (we describe as ‘Church Style’), the entrance can be through the central doors or from the top entrance into the Orangery.

Can I have an outdoor wedding at Gaynes Park?

Gaynes Park is unique in that we have a host of idyllic outdoor spaces for your al fresco ceremony such as in the Walled Garden, under the Gather Barn and on the London Lookout. Please speak to the Events Team, who can discuss the options with you.

What time should book my wedding ceremony for?

We would recommend you book your wedding ceremony for 2pm/2:30pm.

What type are dining tables are in the Mill Barn?

You have a choice of the oval clothed tables or wooden trestle tables.

What about music during the ceremony?

If you are not using a harpist, string quartet, singer, guitarist, etc., you are welcome to bring your own pre-recorded playlist. We have the required music licence to play music both solely and alongside other musicians.

How many guests can Gaynes Park accommodate for a sit-down meal?

We can comfortably seat a maximum of 150 guests in the Mill Barn. Depending on your seating plans, we can comfortably seat 100–120 guests downstairs and an additional 30 guests on the mezzanine floor. Please speak to the Events Team, who can go through the seating plans with you.

Do you have disabled facilities?

We have loo facilities for the disabled and ramped access for wheelchairs in both the Mill Barn and also with the Piggery loos, which are located adjacent to the Orangery. The only area inaccessible for wheelchair access is the mezzanine level in the Mill Barn.

Are there any facilities for a helicopter to land?

Yes, we have landed a number of brides and especially grooms in the Pony Paddock adjacent to the venue (on the other side of the farm track).

Where does my wedding car access the venue?

You can be driven right up to the Gather Barn or the Apple Loft Cottage.* If you are having your wedding ceremony in the Orangery, you walk down the path to the Heart Gate, into the Long Border and then enter the Walled Garden through the Lion Gates. Alternatively, you can enter through the gate to the side of the Orangery.

Are tables and chairs included in the venue hire price?


When can we have access to set up/decorate Gaynes Park?

You and your suppliers can have access from 8.00am on the day of your wedding. Please advise the Events Team of which suppliers will be arriving and when so we can be sure to have the venue ready for them and for our health and safety requirements, e.g. fire regulations.

Do I need to organise childcare for children?

Yes – we strongly recommend for your guests’ and your enjoyment, particularly after drinking, that children be supervised at all times to ensure their safety. Some couples like to organise this for during the ceremony, while most couples choose to begin the childcare once the drinks reception and/or sit-down wedding breakfast commences. The Orangery is ideal for a supervised crèche and morphs into a wonderful play area.

In fair weather, the grass area of the Walled Garden may also be used for suitable garden games such as croquet or giant Jenga. Please ensure that all children are supervised by a responsible adult or professional childcare provider both for their safety and to preserve the beauty of the gardens and the flower borders. It is important to tell the childcare provider the ages of the children to ensure they provide age-specific activities.

Can we have garden games in the Walled Garden?

Yes, the Walled Garden may also be used for suitable garden games such as croquet or giant Jenga, etc. However, to preserve the gardens we ask that no ball games (ie football and cricket) are played.

Can we have a band?

Yes, but from experience we ask that you have received a personal recommendation. Occasionally the bands can be so focused on their own music that they forget about you and your wedding guests, and their hearing may not be as sensitive as your guests’ from years of loud music. Please read the bands terms and conditions on your booking form.

When can the band/DJ set up their equipment?

Your band/DJ is welcome to set up their equipment from 9.00am on the day of your wedding. There is a curtain separating the main space from the dance area in the Mill Barn so that they can set up at any time during the event and not disturb you. Any speakers must always be set up in the designated area facing the Gather Barn and car park area.

Is there accommodation at Gaynes Park wedding venue?

Run independently to the venue, the stylish 10-bedroomed Coach House accommodation is located on the Gaynes Park estate.

Do you allow fireworks?

We allow silent outdoor fireworks on 5 November. Fireworks are not allowed on any other dates. We do not allow any indoor fireworks.

Do you allow sky lanterns?

No, owing to health and safety.

Are fairy lights included?

Yes – on the mezzanine bannisters in the Mill Barn, in the beech trees in the car park area and around the Pavilion in the Walled Garden.

Do you allow sky lanterns?

No, owing to health and safety.

Do you have any outdoor lighting?

Yes, we have some lovely feature lighting in the Walled Garden

Do you allow candles inside the Mill Barn and the Orangery?

Yes. However, in order to comply with our fire insurance regulations and because of all the wood, we ask that all candles be placed in glass containers or on a mirror/glass to catch the wax. Please only use battery candles or tea lights in the lanterns on the mezzanine floor and inside the Gather Barn or any candles placed on the beams in the Orangery are battery operated for the fire hazard they cause. Please speak to the Events Team about your ideas. We recommend LED battery operated candles/tea lights as these are very effective.

Do you provide a recommended list of suppliers?

Yes, we have a recommended and handpicked supplier list, which is provided separately once you book the venue. Aside from our nominated events and expert on-site catering company, and our nominated venue stylist (Mediterranean Occasions), you are free to choose your own suppliers. As general advice, we recommend you speak initially to several contractors from each area you are considering to ensure that you feel happy and comfortable with them and that they meet both your and any venue requirements.

Please ensure that your contractors have a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance and, if connecting to the electricity supply at Gaynes Park, that their equipment is PAT tested.

We need copies of their insurance certificates and schedule of electrical items which have been tested prior to agreement that they may work at Gaynes Park. We regret that failure to provide these copies may result in them being unable to work at Gaynes Park. This applies particularly to DJs/bands, photo booths and lighting suppliers. We reserve the right to revert to using our current recommended DJs and bands only at any time (who we know are up to date with the latest legislation and requirements).

Is the venue heated?

Yes. We have underfloor heating and extra wall heaters in the Mill Barn and ceiling fans as well as a full heating system in the Orangery. The Apple Loft Cottage* is also centrally heated.

Does the venue have air conditioning?

Air conditioning is installed in the Mill Barn in the dance floor area. The Orangery also has air conditioning. The Apple Loft Cottage* is also air conditioned.

Will the room decorations in the Mill Barn be able to be kept a surprise for our wedding guests?

Yes! we have also installed cream blinds on the doors of the Mill Barn to really keep the venue decor an even bigger surprise for your guests. Guests will first see the room styling and decorations when they go to be seated for the wedding breakfast.

Where is the bar located?

We have a licensed bar in the main area of the Mill Barn. The bar’s wooden shutters are closed during the wedding breakfast and opened at the end of the meal.

What photographic locations are available?

We are very proud of our beautiful gardens, which have year-round interest. There are some truly wonderful photographic opportunities inside and out. The Walled Garden and Long Walk are both perfect for romantic photographs. You can walk to the ‘London lookout’ and down the entrance drive with the sweeping backdrop of both the countryside and London skyline – stunning by day and when lit up at night. We do not have restricted access within the venue and its gardens, so many couples and their photographers love to return to the gardens for more photographs in the evening light, for magnificent sunset shots or even photos taken by moonlight.
The Pavilion, with its twinkly lights at night and throughout the seasons, is stunning. Your photographer is welcome to visit the venue or, if you have booked an engagement photo shoot, by appointment with the Events Team, prior to the wedding.

Can I have a drone?

Yes. Drones can add a stunning aerial view to your wedding photos and videos, capturing the beauty of Gaynes Park and the emotions of your guests. However, drone operators must provide relevant documents and information on the devices, insurances and public liability documents. There is also a drone flight plan for restricted areas, which they must adhere to. This is supplied by the Events Team.

Can we invite more guests for the evening?

You are welcome to invite some additional guests in the evening up to a total number of 200 guests (including your daytime guests).

Is Gaynes Park a smoke-free environment?

In line with the law, smoking (and Vaping) is not allowed anywhere inside the buildings, which includes the Orangery, the Mill Barn and Apple Loft Cottage.* When in the Mill Barn, your guests may use the Gather Barn just outside the main entrance.

Do you have a noise inhibitor?

Yes. It is set at 90 decibels– which is actually very loud for the size of the Mill Barn. For this, and other points, please ensure you refer to the terms and conditions in our booking guide for further information.

Please ensure that where relevant your supplier, artist, band and/or DJ/music provider (a) holds a PAT test certificate, current on the day of your wedding, for all their equipment; (b) can supply a copy of their ProDub licence if using a computer or iPod to which they have downloaded music; (c) holds the necessary public liability insurance that can be shown on the day or prior to playing; and (d) can provide a copy of their risk assessment, e.g. how they tape down cables in order not to injure anyone.
This also includes suppliers providing lighting where they wish to plug into our indoor/outdoor sockets; their equipment must be appropriate for health and safety regulations.
NB: Gaynes Park cannot accept any suppliers/DJs/music providers who cannot comply with the above. Any of our recommended musicians, DJs, photo booths and lighting suppliers are able to fulfil these requirements.

Will our guests find Gaynes Park easily?

Yes. There is a large sign at the entrance to the estate. There is also a welcome sign by the white gate at the top of the drive leading you into the venue. In addition, there are signs at the bottom of Banks Lane. When you talk to your taxi driver, it is helpful to let him know the entrance to Gaynes Park is “off Banks Lane”.

How many car parking spaces does the venue have?

We have plenty of car parking spaces in the main car park, and cars may be left overnight, at the owner’s risk, for collection the next morning between 9.00 am and 11.00 am. After that time, the gates will be locked to secure the estate, and it will not be possible to access the vehicles.
There is also an overflow car park that can be used if necessary. For most weddings, the main car park is more than sufficient.

I am booking a double decker bus for my guests to arrive, is there sufficient space to accommodate this type of vehicle?

The main car park is big enough for a coach or double-decker bus to drop off and collect guests.